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Date: 22nd July 2016
Diy Cake Mould
DIY cake mold products: Uses: make cakes, bread, Mu Si, jelly, conditioning food, chocolate, handmade soap, etc. Tip: make a cake is best to pour the cake 7 minutes, because the cake will expand! High temperature resistant can be microwave oven to bake a cake, jelly, not afraid of cold, can be used to ice, no matter where, can make a lovely shape, not afraid to fall, baby and you like Description: the heat resistance temperature is -40 to +230, it can be used repeatedly, the shape is novel, the texture is soft, the style is changeable, the mould is easy and clean. Use and maintenance: 1. In the first time and every time after use, with hot water dilution (edible cleaning agent) or dishwasher cleaning. Do not use with abrasion cleaner or foam cleaning. Make sure that the silicone cup is completely dry before each use and storage. 2.baking cup should be open to the flat silicone baking tray. Don't let the mold dry roasted, such as a six mode, you just put the 3 full mode.?3.mode also must be installed in the water. Otherwise, the mould will bake bad, life will be reduced. In order to make the baked product to reach the best baking effect, before baking can be first in the silica glass surface lightly spray a small amount of anti stick baking oil. when baking finish, please the tray from the oven removed, and baking products are placed on the grid to be cool until completely cold to. 4.the silicon cup can be used only for the oven, oven and microwave oven, must not be directly used in gas or electricity, or directly above or below the heating plate used in the. 5.do not use knives or other sharp instruments on the silica gel cup, not pressure, pull, violence 6.silicone mold (because of the relationship), it is easy to absorb dust, long time no, it is best to put in the box, placed in a cool place. 7.do not immediately rinse with cold water to extend the service life!
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