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Date: 22nd July 2016
Dust Ring
Dust ring product introduction:ShapeO type sealing ringModelVariedApplicable scopeMechanicsStandard partsNon standard partsNatureOil resistanceUseDust sealManufacturer (origin)ShandongTexture of materialDing JingjiaoCircle of dust, the main role is removed reciprocating motion of the piston rod dew in the cylinder external surface attached to the dust, sand, rain and frost and other dirt, to prevent external dust, rain into the sealed within the organization. Good dust ring should be sharp lip type structure, low friction coefficient, so that can realize to prevent the dust from the outside into the system, but also reduce the friction of the equipment. Application domainFor oil cylinder or drive shaft, such as PTFE dust ring, the PTFE framework and O ring structure of the dust ring, can be used in the environment of poor oil cylinder, with a self - lubrication. At the same time can protect the oil cylinder piston is not damaged by dust.
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