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Date: 22nd July 2016
Ethylene propylene rubber hose
Product introduction of ethylene propylene rubber hose: Category: high temperature resistant silicone tube Color: black, red Material: silicone rubber Product characteristics: 1:EPDM as the main material, excellent weather resistance, UV resistance. 2: can be used for outdoor, underground, coastal environment, salt fog, acid and alkali resistance, high resistance, good performance, good moisture resistance. 3: no need to heat or fire, easy installation, can be widely used in the area of open fire, such as coal mines, etc.. 4: simple installation, no need to install specialized tools, and is suitable for various cable size 5: with the cable through the breath, to reach the active sealing effect 6: sealed tight, large radial pressure, good rebound performance. 7: excellent mechanical damage resistance. Product performance: Color black Application range: Silica gel EPDM excellent weathering resistance bacteria performance, ensure the EPDM cold shrink tube can be widely applied to the outdoor, underground, the coastal environment. Suitable for many kinds of low voltage power cable and wireless base station coaxial cable connector. Play a very good insulation, sealing, waterproof, anti salt spray, etc..
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