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Date: 22nd July 2016
Extruded Rubber
Material introductionNameEnglishMain performance characteristicsSuitable for industry or fieldNaturalNRComprehensive performance is more comprehensive, processing technology is simple.Mainly used in tire, rubber hose, rubber belt, rubber shoes, medical supplies, sporting goods and other industrial products.ButadieneSBRComprehensive performance and natural rubber, and wear and thermal aging performance is better than natural rubber. With natural rubber and a variety of synthetic rubber and used, good processing performance, is a general rubber.Widely used in tires, rubber hose, tape, rubber overshoes, and all kinds of industrial rubber products.PolybutadieneBRGood processability, excellent wear resistance and elasticity, less heat, good low temperature resistance, flexibility is good.Widely used in tires, rubber hose, rubber tape, rubber products and other aspects.ChlorideCROzone resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, flame retardant, insulation and water resistance, air tightness, tensile strength, etc..Suitable for rubber hose, adhesive tape, conveyor belt, wire and cable, air conditioning rubber products, as well as construction, shipping, automobile and other sealing products.NitrileNBRThe temperature can be used for a long time at 120. Good air tightness (after butyl rubber). Oil, wear resistance, tear resistance and other excellent performance.Suitable for automobile, machinery, rubber, sealing, cable jacket, sponge products, etc..HydrogenatedHNBRCan be used in the work environment of +180 for a long time, the processing performance is good, the strength is high, the wear resistance is excellent, the permanent deformation is small, and has the unique function of anti ozone and hydrogen sulfide.Suitable for engine sealing products, oil seal, oil field, rubber products, rubber products, low temperature, air conditioning pipe, electronic system to protect parts.ThreeEPDMThe heat resistance, ozone resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and electrical insulation performance is better.Widely used in buildings, cars, ships, doors and windows, wire and cable, automobile, motorcycle parts and other industrial products.SiliconeSRCan be used in the working environment of +200 for a long time at -60. Transparent, non-toxic, tasteless, insulation performance is good, good processing performance.Widely used in electrical, electronic and electrical industry, aviation, national defense, machinery, construction industry, medical, food and health fields, as well as kitchen supplies, household products, etc..FluorineFPMExcellent resistance to high temperature (250 C) and good dielectric properties, as well as excellent oxidation resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion, wear resistance, etc..Widely used in aerospace, aviation, missiles, rockets and other scientific fields and industrial equipment. Such as: hose, seals, wires, diaphragm, tape and other products, as well as anti-corrosion lining.DingIIRAir tightness performance in a variety of rubber, excellent heat aging resistance, ozone aging properties, as well as electrical insulation performance, while a wide range of temperature.Widely used in tire inner tubes, used for vulcanizing capsule, fetal water, wind tires, auto parts, wire and cable, hose, belt, building waterproof sheet, blocking materials (such as: the medicine bottle cover), doors and windows sealing strip, and anticorrosion of chemical engineering equipment.
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