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Date: 25th July 2016
Oil Resistant O-ring
Oil resistant o-ring:ShapeO type sealing ringModelVarious modelsApplicable scopeAutomobile, pump, electric appliance, door and window, bearing, oil cylinderStandard partsStandard partsNatureWear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high pressureSpecificationsVariety of specificationsSample or spotSpot goodsProcessing customizationIsO type sealing ring, sometimes referred to as ring O, is due to the material is squeezed into the deformation of the sealing function generated by the. But the elasticity is mainly related to the hardness of the material, the compressive strength is the mechanical strength of the material (as a representative of the value is: hardness) and the relationship between the gap. Static seal ring without pressure: when less than 20MPa; a check ring is less than 40MPa. The material is usually: nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber and other three. Standard: DIN / target / GB GB1235-76, GB GB3485.1-82-92. The limit temperature: nitrile rubber - 40 DEG C ~ + 120 DEG C, fluorine rubber - 40 DEG C ~ + 240Pu DEG C, silicon rubber - 40 DEG C ~ 250 degrees Celsius. The maximum compression of O - ring: 30%.
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