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Date: 22nd July 2016
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Texture of materialThree yuanEffectFixed sealApplicable scopeCars, doors and windows, refrigerators, electrical appliances, containers, cabinets, banksCross section shapeVarious shapesNatureResistance to corrosion, high temperature, high pressure, wear resistance, aging resistanceBrandTongruiModelVariedSample or spotIn storePerformance:Silicone rubber (Q) is a kind of special rubber containing silicon and oxygen atoms in the main chain. Its main characteristic is high temperature resistant (up to a maximum of 300 DEG C) and high temperature (minimum - 100 DEG C), is currently the best resistance to high temperature rubber; at the same time, excellent electrical insulation, high stability of the thermal oxidation and ozone, chemical inertness. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength is low, oil resistance, solvent resistance and resistance to acid and alkali resistance, more difficult to cure, the price is more expensive. Use temperature: - 60 DEG C ~250.Product useMain uses: electrical appliances, automobile and motorcycle parts, cylinder, hydraulic machine, an oil pump, a bathroom, a bearing, a antenna waterproof, lighters and other anti friction performance, oil resistance, tolerance to abiotic polar solvent, good air tightness and sealing material and its application in aliphatic hydrocarbon (propane, hexane, mineral oil and grease, fuel oil), vegetable oil and animal oil, silicone oil, grease, chemical fire extinguishing agent, low temperature dilute acid, alkali, salt solution, and 120 DEG C below the medium. Such as: nitrile rubber, nitrile rubber, nitrile rubber, nitrile rubber or nitrile rubber parts and other industrial products.1 product advantages1). The surface gloss is good2). The rebound performance is excellent3). Excellent weather resistance, 4), good quality of material is 6.5). standing inventory models complete, mature technology, stable quality. 6) RoHS certification, green environmental protection7). To meet the needs of sustainable development
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