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Date: 22nd July 2016
Rubber Pad
Rubber pad product introduction: Product description Product rubber refers to the production of various rubber products with natural and synthetic rubber as raw material, and also includes the use of rubber products for the production of waste rubber. Basic characteristics of rubber products: 1. Rubber molding, after high pressure pressing, because of the elastic body ready within cohesion can not be eliminated, in forming from the mold, tend to produce extremely unstable contraction (rubber shrinkage rate, due to the adhesive used in different), it is necessary to after a period of time to moderate stability. So, when a rubber product design, regardless of the formula or mold, need to be carefully calculated with, if not, it is easy to produce the size of the product is not stable, resulting in low quality products. The 2 is a rubber elastic body of thermosetting plastic is hot, hot to cold setting. Due to the different types of rubber, the main body of different types, the temperature range of curing, there is a considerable gap, and even because of climate change, indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production of rubber products, the need to make a modest adjustment, if no, it may produce the difference of product quality. Pad products: EVA pad, double-sided rubber pad, rubber gasket, rubber pad, transparent pad, latex mat, silicone pad, non slip mats, anti-skid pads, shock pad, shockproof rubber pad, rubber mat, rubber shock pad, rubber gasket, rubber gasket, silicone gasket, check slide pad, soak cotton pad, sponge pad, insulation pad, felted wool pad, cork gasket. Products can be according to customer requirements molding (any size, thickness, shape). With customer design and production, the use of automatic laser scanning, painting, cutting, with a knife, accuracy than the manual mold more precise, more sharp blade, so it can be fully reflected in each product. Fully automatic die cutting machine of a single product cross section of the neat, accurate, convenient assembly and use, not only saves time and effort, but also improve the ergonomics, product appearance and generous.
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