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Date: 22nd July 2016
Silica Gel Ring
Silica gel ring Product parameters:ShapeSilica gel ringModelComplete specificationsApplicable scopeElectrical, decoration, plumbing, machinery, toys and other electronicStandard partsStandard partsNatureWear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, waterproof, aging, and otherUseFixed seal, seal, seal hole, sealing, waterproof, otherSpecificationsComplete specificationsA name: Silica gel ring Two, material: Silicone rubber - > performance introduction: (Rubber Silicone) silica () is a combination of silicon (-si-o-si). Has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance. Good electrical insulation properties. After modulation formula tensile strength up 1500PSI and tear reachability 88lbs, elastic good and has good compression crooked, the neutral solvent with good resistance, has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, resistance for the erosion of the ozone and oxides with excellent, excellent electrical insulation performance, thermal insulation and heat dissipation. Disadvantages: not recommended for most of the concentrated solvent, oil, concentrated acid and diluted sodium hydroxide. Three, the main purpose: Silicon rubber is widely used in modern industry, national defense industry and daily life activities, the electronic industry of conductive silicone rubber, liquid crystal display contact piece, TV anode cover, signal transmission cable, wire, electrical connectors, insulation terminal, computer keyboard, caulking material, bath room brick joints, toiletries waterproof bet leakage, cement connection and sealing, doors and windows sealing. The sealing of electronic parts, electrical appliance fittings, potting material, car doors and windows and windshield body used in automobile industry. Silicone rubber can be used as tasteless, non smell, non-toxic, so it is also used in household appliances and food industry is a good material. Such as electric kettle, electric irons, microwave oven rubber parts. The electronics industry seal or rubber parts, such as mobile phone keys, DVD in the shock pad, cable connector in seal. A seal on all kinds of supplies, such as water bottles, drinking fountains, etc.. Four, product advantage: 1 surface gloss, no Phi Feng 2 rebound performance 3 aging resistance, light aging, ozone resistance. 4 temperature range: -40 to 200 degrees 5 comply with the EU export standards, ROHS certification, FDA certification, EN71-3 certification, etc. 6 standard models complete, a lot of standing stock 7 can be customized non - standard model, the hardness and color of customer specified 8 technical maturity, quality stability
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