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Date: 22nd July 2016
Silicone Coaster
Silica gel cup mat products: Classification: coaster type: can be customized shape: can be customized according to the requirements of color: Material: silicone Product description According to customer requirements of performance, appearance, color, etc. to produce processing! Such as: High temperature resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance; Anti ageing, anti ultraviolet; shock absorption pad, rubber cushion pad; Hardware, rubber, metal, plastic, rubber, silicone; Environmental protection non-toxic, SGS certification, ROHS certification, FDA certification, etc.! Raw materials; natural rubber, nitrile rubber, chloroprene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, butadiene rubber, Ding Ben rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber and so on. [product material]: high quality silicone material Product features: beautiful shape, durable, not deformation and damage, easy to clean; the use of high quality silicone material, safe non-toxic, fully insulated, can better protect your table. [product description]: This product is used for the use of heat insulation pad, beautiful and practical, heat and not deformation. Hot containers, should not be placed directly on the table or is glass table tops, easily Tanghuai put table, smear, affect the appearance, and insulation pads to the role of insulation and protection table, table care is the best partner!
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