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Date: 22nd July 2016
Square Pad
Square rubber pad product introduction: Application: applicable to the fixation of decorative frames, automotive trim strip, wave plate, round arc, block flow, plate brake lights, cars and motorcycles and other signs of paste. Household appliances, hardware tools, toys, crafts, tourism products, stationery, cosmetics; skates: sports shoes lining materials, sport insoles, bags back cushion, surfboard, kneeling pad; sports protective gear, automotive interior, lamination material; products, high grade foam tape substrate; freezer, cold construction, light mats, visor material; appliances, precision instruments, equipment and other electronic products of shockproof cushioning packaging and a wide range of areas. 1. Pad products: EVA pad, rubber gasket, rubber gasket, transparent pad, silica gel pad, anti-skid pads, anti-skid pads, shock pad, shockproof rubber pad, rubber mat, rubber shock pad, rubber gasket, rubber gasket, silicone gasket, silicone pads, check slide pad, soak cotton pad, sponge pad, insulation pad, foam pad 2. Ottomans products: rubber pads, foot transparent, latex mats, EVA mat, bubble cotton pads, silicone mat, adhesive foot, gum mat. EVA products, EVA sheet, EVA foam, EVA pad, EVA pad, EVA pad, EVA foam sponge, EVA sponge, EVA double-sided adhesive, EVA adhesive, EVA pad, EVA pad, EVA gasket, EVA crafts, EVA electronic and electrical fittings, EVA insulation gasket, EVA box packing, high foaming, back glue, high elastic / fire / anti-static EVA, EVA toys and so on. 4. Bubble cotton products: foam tape, EVA foam, Paomian double-sided adhesive, foam rubber, foam pad, foam pad, foam pad, foam cushion, foam packaging materials. 5 sponge products: sponge pad, sponge, sponge, sponge, sponge, sponge, sponge, sponge, sponge, sponge, EVA sponge, sponge, sponge, etc.. 6. Earthquake series: shockproof, anti-skid pads, environmentally friendly EVA products (EVA pad, EVA mat, EVA gasket, EVA pad, EVA double-sided pad, EVA coasters, EVA box pads, EVA mobile phone shockproof fittings, EVA electronic and electrical fittings, EVA crafts, high elastic EVA, fire EVA, anti electrostatic EVA, guide electric EVA products), rubber mat, silicone pads, high foaming, warrior rubber pad, rubber stamping, EVA stamping parts, soft PVC, Cr, SBR, PORON, bubble sponge, sponge box pad etc. shockproof materials, die stamping products, single / double-sided adhesive. Mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, telephone, speakers, hardware, handicrafts, wood products, plastics, furniture, home, ceramics, glass products, non slip, shock and insulation. 7. Packaging series: pearl cotton series products (sheet, pearl cotton bag composite aluminum foil insulation bags, bead, cradle), POF heat shrinkable bags. Mainly used in electronics, plastics, electrical appliances, toys, lighting, speakers, technology, furniture products, packaging and insulation. 8 insulation series: fast Pakistani paper, barley paper, PVC (matte, transparent, black, white, PET, PC) forming insulation gasket. Mainly used in plastics, electronics, electrical insulation. 9. Adhesive series: domestic double-sided adhesive tape, imported 3M tape TESA tape Sony tape Nitto tape EPDM, PE tape, PVC tape, pet, high temperature masking tape, textured paper tape, foam tape, precision foam, electrical tape, single-sided adhesive tape, special adhesive tape, masking tape and other a series of column shaped adhesive products. 10. Hot stamping brand: professional for a variety of plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, bamboo and wood products, screen printing, printing, roll printing, heat transfer, water transfer, injection processing.
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