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Date: 22nd July 2016
V Type Oil Seal
V type oil seal product introduction: The V type sealing ring is fixed on the shaft with its own elastic tension, and the flexible sealing lip is kept in contact with a small contact force and a shaft base surface. The sealing lip can prevent grease or oil leakage, dust, dirt and prevent outside intrusion. Due to the V type ring with the axis of rotation, due to the action of centrifugal force, basic body like slip as to prevent filth from invading the working medium. And the other is the V ring seal is different, depending on the elasticity of the sealing lip into sealing function. The sealing lip has good activity and adaptability, so it is a simple design that needs smaller tolerances for other seals. So it has the following advantages: Pure rubber elastomer material with no metal parts; it can reduce the design work, without the requirement of machining, and the surface machining and surface precision and rigidity of the shaft is not required, and the installation and disassembly is simple and reliable; The surface contact pressure is small, therefore the friction is small, the friction loss and the friction heat is little, the service life is long; it has the seal and the dust prevention function. Performance: 1, can work under severe conditions; 2, the medium pollution is not sensitive; 3, long service life; 4, can be the best combination to meet the height and variety of uses; 5, even if the surface quality is also able to work; 6, anti extrusion ability; 7, applied to the rapid change of pressure field.
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